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Kerstendale Excavation is proud to now offer a variety of construction services. We strive to be your one stop for all site preparations and underground construction. Our goal is to be the premier choice in the GTA and Kawartha Lakes regions for Homeowners and General Contractors alike in accelerating residential and small commercial projects. Offering services from land clearing and site preparation, to servicing, foundations and landscaping, we are able to provide an expedited start to any construction project. Without the need to contact multiple contactors, we control schedules and production in a fast, efficient and safe approach.


Our expert team provides safe and efficient demolition services, including structural teardown, debris removal, and site clearing, meeting all regulatory requirements for your project.

Site Preparation

We specialize in comprehensive site preparation, ensuring a well-prepared foundation for your project, including land clearing, grading, and environmental compliance.


We specialize in professional excavation services, offering precision digging via TOPCON GPS controlled equipment, trenching, and earthmoving to meet your project’s requirements efficiently

Site Servicing

We provide complete site servicing solutions, including utility installation, road construction, and infrastructure development, to prepare your site for construction or development.


We offer professional landscaping services to enhance your outdoor space, creating beautiful and functional environments with meticulous design and maintenance.

Land Clearing

We offer comprehensive land clearing solutions to prepare your construction site, including vegetation removal, debris disposal, and leveling. Our experienced team ensures a safe and efficient process, complying with local regulations.
Building Construction
We specialize in professional excavation services, offering precision digging, trenching, and earthmoving to meet your project’s requirements efficiently.

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The construction was done on time and the quality of the construction was excellent.

Juanita Moran

Excellent work, Professional and very friendly customer service.

Saif Guerra

He even came back to help us with a small project after the work was done – great communication. I would use again.

Kason Espinosa

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